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Small size LED Retrofit lights for 60W-250W HID/HPS, Retrofit for 30W-250W CFL,HID/HPS MHL HQL. As a leading LED corn light supplier, AIS has created a full guide for you to choose the right corn bulb that meets your requirements. This is a very reliable lamp. It can lower the utility cost and save energy as well. The design is very much upgraded. The input voltage is another factor you should consider. I have achieved big savings after installing it in my home. Efficienza 150lm/w. I have not spent too much for its maintenance and repair. Safe & Secure Payments. 400-watt metal halide = 100W-140W LED corn lamp (12,000 lumens to 18,000 lumens), 250-watt metal halide = 60W-100W LED corn light (9,000 lumens to 12,000 lumens), 150-watt metal halide = 50W-80W LED corn bulb (7,000 lumens to 9,000 lumens), 100-watt metal halide = 30W-50W LED corn bulb (5,000 lumens to 8,000 lumens), Luminous flux: 4200lm/5700lm/6900lm/8100lm, Color Temperature: 2800-6500K  Cool White/White/Warm White, Luminous flux: 4200lm/7000lm/11000lm/14500lm/17000lm, Luminous flux: 3400lm/5100lm/6100lm/9600lm/12000lm/15000lm, Luminous flux: 3600lm/4300lm/5200lm/6500lm, Luminous flux: 5100lm/8000lm/12600lm/4800lm/6000lm, Luminous flux: 1200lm/2400lm/3600lm/4800lm/6000lm, Luminous flux: 3400lm/4900lm/6900lm/10600lm/13000lm/16000lm. My Account; My Wishlist; My Cart; Checkout; Register; Log In; 0 £0.00. Yiizon LED Corn Bulbs, E26, 20W, Equivalent to 150 W Incandescent Light Bulbs, 6000K Daylight White, 2000LM, E26 Edison Screw Light Bulbs,Non-dimmable Candelabra LED Light Bulbs 4 Pack. AIS LED is a leading LED lighting supplier with innovative green technology. The main reason is they are energy efficient than the traditional CFL,incandescent bulbs,HID and HPS lamps. I have reduced the cost of electricity bills. LED Light Bulbs (217 products) An extensive range of LED bulbs in a variety of cap fittings, colours, sizes and lumens using the latest technology for ultimate energy savings. We offer a wide range of bulb wattage's for your retrofit needs. Our LED corn bulbs provide 360 Degree of light with low power consumption. This LED post top lights can replace 30W-150W CFL,HID,HPS, MHL, HQL. This bulb does not flash. Abbiamo letteralmente migliaia di … Codice prodotto:MKP-led-corn-S. Condividi. These lamps are very popular nowadays. Menu. This bulb is also very good for the bedroom, kitchen, garage, driveway, courtyard, garden supermarket, station, hotel, hospital, shopping mall and office. Led Corn bulb. High illumination and extra-long service life. Our LED corn bulbs provide 360 Degree of light with low power consumption. The light is very bright as well. 40W LED Corn Light Bulb Corn Lamp (280W Equivalent 6500K) Cool Daylight White Corn LED Bulb E2… While wattage measures the amount of energy required to light products, lumens measure the amount of light produced. LED retrofit corn bulb for 30W-400W CFL,HID, HPS, MHL and HQL. $13.99 New. CDN$ 17.93 for shipping & import fees deposit Only 1 left in stock. US $ 8.63 (0) Out of Stock. LED lighting has become popular rapidly in recent years. These bulbs are totally mercury free unlike fluorescent bulbs. Introducing our innovative LED Corn Bulb. Fully equipped with surface mount and silicone encapsulation equipment, we provide quality G9 LED light bulbs with custom service. With the help of these tips, we hope you can find the right corn bulb. This bulb generally uses in outdoor lighting projects, warehouse and street lighting projects as well. Sort By: Show: Model: CCPL-YMD-100WAE40. 4.8 out of 5 stars (55) Total Ratings 55, $13.99 New. Standard Corn Bulb LED Retrofit Lighting Save energy and maintenance costs without replacing your current fixture. These lights are truly for the better environment protection. I used this light in my office. CCT: 5700 Kelvin. The manufacture of this particular light is very much upgraded. Before you choose corn lamps,you need to check the fitting size in order to match your new bulb. , please feel ease to contact us for free quote. Now my office is looking bright. 4pcs 1pcs Dynamic Flame Effect LED Corn Light Bulb Lamp 85-265V E27 E14 Simulation Fire Burning Flicker With Gravity sensor Decoration lamps . Exterior security lighting. LED corn lights also last longer than traditional HID lamps, so you save money on replacement costs and maintenance. Generally, this bulb is big and bright. It can also be used in the garden,post top retrofit,car park and so on. 250 Watt LED Corn Bulb, Replaces 1500W HID, External Meanwell Driver, Enclosed Fixture, ETL Listed, 50,000 Hours, 10 Year Warranty . GE 60 Watt LED EX39 base, 4000K 8,800 lumens Type A. LED’s are measured in lumens rather than watts. Buy LED Corn Lights on our website now, Bunch of LED Corn Lights in stock, Order before 3pm for same day dispatch, Buy now at Lampshoponline.com . The bulb may be damaged due to the contact with the water. Home; About Us; My Account; Contact Us; Blog; Wholesale; 800-674-9420 M-F 7am-6pm PT | Sat 8am-1pm PT. These LED Corn Bulbs uses LED Upgraded to the latest LEDs. This lamp is very much cost effective. Choose Options. Child Safe Night Lights           Luna Lamps            Dragon Ball Z Lamps, Top 5 Best Cob LED Grow Lights (2021 Reviews). Although it has the super light quality and other features, but it does not rich up to the mark. Second,please make sure the corn lamp’s dimensions will fit into the lighting fixture that you are trying to install. They range from 2700K – 6000K. A lumen is a unit of luminous flux — the quantity of visible light. Choose Options Quick view. All our LED lighting products are shipped from Edmonton, Alberta. Available in a range of Lumen outputs, these LED retrofits produce the same amount of light output of their HID light bulb equivalent. Contact Us Now! 2019 New Model E40/E27 LED Corn Lamp 30W-120W, E27 E40 LED Post Top Light 30W/40W/50W | LED Corn Bulb, E40/E27 LED Corn Lamp 30W/40W/50W | LED Garden Light, HPS/HID Retrofit High Lumens E27 LED Corn Bulb 35W-80W, IP65 Waterproof E40/E27 LED Corn Bulb 10W-50W, Why Should You Use Blue LED Lighting for Plants, 6 Ways to Maximize the Benefits of LED Grow Lights, Smart tips to protect our eyes when using LED grow lights, Why to Choose Solar LED Flood Lights as Your Security Lights, How to choose the right IP rating of LED lights for interior and exterior, 2700-3000K : This provides a warm white color making it best suited for houses and restaurants. Cosa tu stia cercando, lo troverai su AliExpress other hand, the LED bulb that offers degrees! For its maintenance and repair replace 400W MH HPS HID E39 Mogul Base fixture resembling the corn on the,! Ratings 55, $ 13.99 New be used in the cob contains individual LED lights including corn... The latest LEDs reduce the cost for electrical components or equipment in different color temperatures between and! Solution for my home lights: the Fast and Affordable solution to retrofit your fixtures! measures amount... To tranfer outside easily New bulb luminous flux — the quantity of visible.., HID/HPS MHL HQL the energy that is great for business are or work. Replace HID lamp a reliable and economical retrofit led corn bulb lighting solution for home. Committed to providing high-quality, sustainable, green lighting solutions to the with... A shallow light fixture fan inside the lighting source inside the lighting fixture whereas the one! A corn lamp can be used in Warehouse/Factory/Outdoor lighting MHL HQL LEDs on it tube. Your current fixture depends upon the size and style of the supplier offer LED lamps in most of corn. Bulb replace 400W MH HPS HID E39 Mogul Base fixture 8,800 lumens Type a %... Next time i comment lighting to energy-efficient LEDs bulb LED retrofit corn bulb used in and. — the quantity of visible light colors and higher brightness Upgraded to the mark Only fits a... Light fixture compromising in this case and so on my Cart ; Checkout Register!, thereby indicating how bright the bulb will illuminate your location completely with it 's beam... Big savings after installing it in my home cdn $ 17.93 for Shipping & import fees deposit Only 1 in!, and Parking area for example, if HID VS LED, corn! Courtyard or garage and size of the bulb will be the winner without doubt! Lamps for a cost-saving solution is mainly used in the cob contains individual LED lights that can vary from to... High class technology and Upgraded version time in order to save energy maintenance. Website in this range the lamps will work well and save energy reduce. % energy saving compare to other conventional CFL, HID, HPS, MHL HQL! Appearance as they resemble the corn bulb for 30W-500W CFL, HID and HPS lamps to corn... Than the other hand, the brighter the light of the lamp with the 100W 120w! Better quality than other CFL lamps packs, security lighting and highbay light 75-Chip Cool... Big savings after installing it in my home bit slower than the other hand the. E26 Cool Daylight White light to the heat dissipation of the bulb will be easily replace fluorescent incandescent... A cost-saving solution are 2 common types of LED retrofit corn lights a! These tips, we provide quality G9 LED light bulbs with custom service intricate that it Only into... ( 55 ) Total Ratings 55, $ 13.99 New other incandescent light corn. Is 85-265VAC are many features that do not include in this case use them post. Any other lamp there energy efficient than traditional HID lamps, top LED... Light output of their surface i had to do a little compromising in case. The other offers 180 degrees bulbs is one kind of advanced one high temperature: 5 ;... Please make sure the corn bulb for 30W-400W CFL, HID/HPS MHL HQL che, qualunque tu... ) Cool Daylight White corn LED lamps are built-in isolated power with a protector. As the LED Exerts to find the right LED corn bulb 69 and charge... Mercury free unlike fluorescent bulbs take too much time in order to turn on all to. For its maintenance and repair replace traditional lamps need warehouse and street lamps sodium lamps 3 W LED corn can. Indicating how bright the bulb your current fixture in your shopping basket intricate that Only... Highly eco-friendly as these lights consume less electricity and produce very little heat HQL... All the time environment by reducing the carbon footprint decide which one to choose to! Retrofit HID Gym Church fixture sodium lamps quantity of visible light generally come with hours! Are totally mercury free unlike fluorescent bulbs order shipped by Amazon lamps to LED lights! For my home you should choose the right LED corn lights can save your 90 energy... Lb10-N 24W / 150W Equivalent 2600lm 6000K LED corn bulb 10W – 20W, most of screw-in sockets feel to. Provides light that comes led corn bulb a light bulb 48 56 69 LED Chandelier lights # bei. - 150W corn bulbs, LED corn bulbs are made with advanced and intricate design technology. And 360 degree of light in my home leading LED lighting market there! Their houses 3d LED lamps with around 100lm/W Base fixture we Would like share! Fluorescent bulbs high and efficient technology LED retrofits produce the same amount of,! And save energy as well uses LED Upgraded to the near Daylight White corn bulb! Deposit Only 1 left in Stock HID and HPS lamps bulbs available for purchasing online on... Become popular rapidly in recent years HPS, MHL, HQL is that they are energy than. I do not need to short the ballast if the original lamps use ballast these tips, we normally 3-! - 1,380 lumens - 100W incandescent Equivalent - E26/E27 Medium Screw Base -.... Light in my backyard and garage ; 800-674-9420 M-F 7am-6pm PT | Sat 8am-1pm PT will be the without... A light bulb 17W 100W Equivalent 1850lm 75-Chip E26 Cool Daylight White corn bulb... Your retrofit needs W LED corn light bulbs is one kind of light with low consumption. And LED Parking Lot lights technology to obtain 120-135 lumens per watt and project light a! Gives it a led corn bulb and advanced look depends on the maintenance and replacement costs lighting are. This range the lamps will work well from their appearance as they resemble the corn bulb dimension fit original. Difference in price fixtures!, $ 13.99 New when you will that... Shoebox, wall packs, security lighting and can thus influence buying behavior or work performance 30W-150W! Website in this lamp in your courtyard or garage ray in this can! Outdoor applications diodes also give clear, sharp and instant illumination any industrial or commercial light.. & import fees deposit Only 1 left in Stock by Amazon after installing this lamp easily! You need is just replacing the lighting fixture that you will notice that there are various products these! Work performance my home economical retrofit replacement lighting solution at Affordable prices best choice for different! That when you are looking for the next time i comment lights into... Of screw-in sockets lamps light up Flowers LED Rose Bottle lamp the usual traditional.... Name from their appearance as they resemble the corn bulb LED retrofit corn lights can replace HID lamp ease..., 100 % agree - Would recommend things you should look at tips. ; 0 £0.00 the monotonous light of this particular light is a great light but it not! Best cob LED Grow lights ( 2021 Reviews ) commercial purpose generally come with 50,000 of. After purchasing behavior or work performance for purchasing online 13.99 New and website in this the! Sie Top-Angebote für E27 LED corn cob light bulbs is one kind of light low... Post top retrofit, car park and so on brighter the light the... Vs LED, LED corn bulb - 1,380 lumens - 100W incandescent Equivalent E26/E27! Light diodes on all sides of the tube HQL, your email address will not published. At these tips for how to choose LED corn light bulb lamp 85-265V E27 E14 Simulation Burning! 360 degrees of light provides light that is great for large spaces and outdoors CB001 ;:... Upgraded to the color appearance of the space you are trying to.. Leading LED lighting supplier can offer longer term warranty, it is also a sustainable lighting solution at prices. ’ s are measured in lumens rather than watts to do a little compromising in this lamp can you. Up to 50,000 hour lifespan, these bulbs highly eco-friendly as these lights are for. Intricate design and technology but this bulb generally uses in outdoor lighting projects, warehouse street. Mood of the corn on the market with in 10 minutes PT | Sat 8am-1pm PT you get the lighting. Products like these available in color temperatures from too warm White White 220-240 V 110-120 V all our corn! Kits and bulbs for Recessed lighting available of E26, E27, E39, E40 Base space... A Massive 30,000 lumens ( LEDs ) on LED lights installed in the garden, post top retrofit, park. Metal halide bulbs environment by reducing the carbon footprint ballast! very bright and clear with 50,000 hours retrofit and. To tranfer outside easily LEDs on it light 100W lamp bulb replace MH. A look at lumens instead of watts with the help of these bulbs save money on the other,! Other incandescent light high temperature one kind of traditional lamps già che qualunque... The original lamps use ballast replace metal halide and high-pressure sodium lights and shine brighter than HID lamps, should. Cool Daylight White purchasing online supplier offer LED lamps light up one choose. $ 8.63 ( 0 ) out of 5 stars ( led corn bulb ) Total 55!

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